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    • CommentAuthorheglund
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2009

    I guess my request can be broken into two related parts:

    1. While you are able to search for specific fields such as ticket number, last name, location, etc. I think it would be very useful to have a more basic search. For example, rather than a choice of fields, it would be useful to have a single text box which I can enter a value to search on.
    i.e. One search box (like a web search engine), where I could search for "21371". This would give me results including:
    * Ticket number 21371.
    * A ticket with user 21371 assigned to it (we use numbers for usernames in our organisation).
    * A ticket with "21371" somewhere in the notes (as it might refer to a reference number we've been given by a 3rd party).

    2. Related to this, I would really, really like to see the Notes section as full-text searchable. This would make it *much* easier to find tickets - particularly if you can't remember many details about who it was for or when it was closed. Searching for subject names is handy, but it would be so much more useful being able to search the notes.

    • CommentAuthorJonathan
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2009

    Because we are doing SQL queries to the database in our searching, the downside of a "simple" search box is that we'd need to do a massive "OR" search on many fields. While possible, this *could* be very expensive (read slow) depending on the size of your database and your hardware, etc. Web search engines can do this type of search because they are creating indexed "versions" of full pages -- we don't have any "index" of all the relational ticket data to search in that way, so it must use a slower SQL query.

    For #2, you can already do a full text search of ticket notes. Go to Tickets > Search Tickets > Advanced Search and there are fields for Client Note and Tech Note. Both can use and/or searching within the field.


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