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    We've had our WHD system for a few years now, but we've avoided the email generated tickets. We're looking to turn that feature on, and have tested the functionality with success.

    Our worry (and one reason we haven't turned on this feature) is that spam will automatically be replied to by the system as an unauthorized account. This can result in a bounce, or it can confirm our email account's existence and generate more spam.

    I'd like to know if there is a way to turn off some of these auto-replies, or if there are other ways of coping with this potential problem.

    Sean Hanson
    Enterprise Administrator
    Marmot Library Network

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    I would like to know the same.

    We have this feature turned on, which causes 1) auto-replies to SPAM, 2) NDR's in the Web Helpdesk inbox, as the originating SPAM addresses are invalid, 3) Blacklisting due to Web Helpdesk sending replies to domains with invalid addresses, and 4) timeout's in the Web Helpdesk system ("The helpdesk was unable to read an email with the subject: "xxxxx" due to the following error: timeout.")

    The domains from which the SPAM originates is not in our 'Accepted Domain's list (Setup > E-Mail > Options). And it is not possible to add every sender and/or domain to the 'Ignored Senders' field.

    As Sean asked, are there any options?


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